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12 Reasons to Shoot Film Photography & How to Market It to Your Clients

Time and again, Film Photography has been tagged as a ‘dying art’. Many digital photographers believe that analog lost its charm ever since digital cameras came into existence. However, there’s a passionate segment of photographers (including pro wedding photographers) insisting that film photography is only gaining popularity over time. Film photographers believe there’s something compelling about the grainy depth of analog images. Also, the thoughtfulness that goes into shooting images on film is hard to imitate with digital photography where you know you can keep on photographing the good, bad, and better photographs, rapid-fire, and they’re forever stored on your memory card.

The recent ‘artistic movement’ to revive film photography has also compelled companies like Kodak and Fujifilm to revisit their product lineup to incorporate film offerings once again and Photography Labs that develop film for pro photographers have also begun to show back up.

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