The Rave January 2020 | A Monthly Customer Celebration

Here’s to the sacrificers, the grinders, and the tenacious.

Here’s to the patient ones.

Here’s to the risk-takers, the dreamers, and the prioritizers.

Here’s to the artists, and the visionaries.

And, here’s to those who stay focused on figuring out how to succeed and break through.

Every first Friday of the month, we’re celebrating YOU.  Those of you who shine.  Those of you who are hitting every mark and still reaching for more!

We’ll be showcasing a handful of photographers’ images that embody all of the above.  Images that really bring it! And images that we know our 14.4k followers will love love LOVE!

ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro Customer Images | The Rave recaps the Best of January 2020

Here are our top 8 most liked customer images on Instagram from our ShootDotEdit Pro Wedding Photographer Customers from January 2020.

Alistair jones
Ideal Imaging Photography

Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann Photography

Brandi Allyse
Brandi Allyse Photo

Danny Dong
Danny Dong Photography

Tracy & Logan Reinard
Tracy Lynn Photography

Trevor Hooper
Trevor Hooper Photo

Jim And ilde Cook
She He We Photography

Orlando Oliveira
Photography by Orlando

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