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Standing Out | The Ever-Evolving World of Print Competitions

A couple beautifully framed in between two pillars & historical structures. An image by Sanjay Jogia for print competitions

Featuring Sanjay Jogia

When I met Sanjay Jogia of Eye Jogia Photography on the bustling exhibit hall floor at WPPI, he said he was actually relieved to be back in the crowd on the floor. Gesturing toward his “Judge” badge, the Luxury Wedding Photographer said he had just finished judging the WPPI print competition. 

“We were stuck in a dark room for 11 hours a day looking at images. We had hundreds and hundreds of images to go through.” Sanjay has been a Print Competition Judge at WPPI for the last 3 years, so I asked him for some advice on how to stand out. 

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