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Working With Past Clients to Rebrand Your Photography Business

Katie Van Buren ShootDotEdit

Featuring Katie Van Buren

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh

When Katie Van Buren of Van Buren Photography started her career as a wedding photographer 20 years ago, she was younger than most of the brides she photographed.

“I connected with them at the time because of where I was in my own life and my business reflected that.” 

For years, Katie says her business was made up of 85% weddings and 15% portraits, but things changed as Katie’s clients started their own families. “Eventually, I was getting more portrait work than wedding shoots.” I was in the middle of asking Katie how she so seamlessly turned her wedding clients into portrait clients when she started laughing. She blurted out, “Oh how funny!” Then went on to explain that while we were talking she got an email from a recent wedding client. “It says, ‘Hope you’re doing well! We just had a baby and wanted to get some pictures done.’” The answer to my question was all too clear.

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