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4 Amazing Marketing Ideas for Wedding Photographers

marketing for photographers

Here at ShootDotEdit, not only do we provide photo editing services, we also connect with industry pros to bring you valuable information that can benefit your photography business. Since marketing for photographers is an essential part of finding and booking clients, we reached out to wedding photographer, Mark Condon of Shotkit, to find out his suggestions for the best marketing ideas for photographers you can use for your wedding photography business to attract and book new clients. Keep reading to learn more.

mark condon of shotkit


Marketing for Photographers

Lead magnets are an online marketing photography tool to attract leads, i.e. to incentivize a website visitor to provide their email address. Whilst lead magnets can be a somewhat aggressive technique to quickly grow email lists, they can be used in a more delicate way to attract your next wedding photography client.

wedding photography portraits in sunset

Image by Mark Condon of Gold Hat Photography


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