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5 Things to Let Go of for Success in Your Wedding Photography Business

You’ve likely heard this before… success takes a lot of hard work. As a wedding photography business owner, there are so many tasks on your plate (and they all seem vital to complete). The key to success is to focus on the items that are most important for your growth and reallocate the ones that are not to other resources.

Back with her next post, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro Vanessa Joy shares her personal insights into how she decided what to let go of in her wedding photography business. Continue reading to discover her process and tips to help you decide what to take off your plate.


“Stop the glorification of busy.”

This was a quote I recently stumbled across and I absolutely love it. It’s so funny to me in this world, and in today’s culture, that busy equals important. In my opinion, being too busy doesn’t mean important. It means I’m sacrificing things like friends, family, health, exercise, vacations, and sanity time; all the things that we’re meant to enjoy in life. Why is it that we find the need to keep ourselves busy?

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