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Off-Camera Flash Techniques for Wedding Photographers

Lighting…. It’s one of the most essential aspects of photography to understand. Done correctly, it can help you set scenes, capture memorable moments, develop moods, stimulate emotional responses, and elevate the quality of your images and the story they tell. And yet, lighting is one of the most challenging parts of photography to master.

As a wedding photographer, you see it all – the good, the bad, and the terrible when it comes to light. Since you are not always in control of where you shoot, or what the lighting conditions will be, it can be difficult to know which tools to use to combat the light during the wedding day. Off-camera flash provides you with options for the lighting situations that need help, or when you desire to create a more dramatic look to the image. So, how can you quickly control and create light with off-camera flash in any location, regardless of the lighting scenario?

Free Guide: Off-Camera Flash Techniques for Wedding Photographers


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