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The 5 Keys to Growing your Business through Blogging

Does this sound familiar? Wedding, engagement and portrait shoots, emails, meetings, timelines, albums… the list goes on and on. You have a never-ending to-do list to maintain your business. A wedding happens and you capture images you are ecstatic about, and have full intentions to share them on your blog to show your couple (and to help attract more clients). But, the next client inquiry comes in and your schedule is suddenly packed again. You think, “I’ll get to blogging about my last wedding when I do the next one.” And then, it happens again, and again, and again.

Blogging is a bottleneck for many wedding photographers, and is one of the most common tasks to get pushed aside. And even though it may never be the most important task of the day, it is vitally important to growing your wedding photography business. The challenge is figuring out how you can blog consistently, post in a timely manner, and keep up with the demands of the rest of your business. We have a great resource to help you with each of these items, so you can reap the benefits of blogging as a wedding photographer.

The 5 Keys to Growing your Business through Blogging


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