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3 Wedding Pros Share Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Much of your job as a photographer is spent reaching out to clients who will help you grow your business. One of the top ways to do that is to create and use a strategic marketing plan, which can provide you with more opportunities to share about your brand with ideal clients. The more effort you place into your marketing plan, the easier it becomes to attract clients and book more weddings.

In our Secrets to Getting Booked Guide, we asked top industry leaders what techniques worked in their business last year to book more weddings. Below, 3 wedding pros share marketing tips you need to know to help you book the clients you desire this year.

1. Set Specific Goals

As with every plan you create, you must set specific goals for your marketing efforts. When you have the specific goals set, you can then create a detailed marketing plan that allows you to reach ideal clients. Those are the clients you should spend time marketing to, so you can reach your goal for the weddings you need to book.

ShootDotEdit Customer, Vanessa Joy Photography, recommends to be specific in the goals you set for the weddings you want to book. This means looking at your financial goals to decide how many weddings should be on your schedule. The more specific you are with your goals, the more detail you can include in your marketing plan to achieve those bookings.

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