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Top 5 Tips for Posing with Confidence

Posing during the wedding day can be challenging to master. Because you do not always have control over the situation or location, how can you capture the images your couple hired you to take and do it confidently?

In our Online Training: How We Pose Our Clients: 10 Tricks We Use in Every Shoot, Justin and Mary Marantz shared their personal insights into how they pose during every wedding day. They also shared their free eBook, The 5 Best Business Decisions We Made, which you can use to make decisions for your business. Here are the top 5 tips for posing with confidence from Justin and Mary’s Online Training.

“How do we start taking pictures of people, and stop taking pictures of poses?” – Justin and Mary Marantz

 1. Use Their Names

One of the main objectives for you during the wedding day shoot is to ensure your couple is comfortable with you, and in front of the camera. When you use their names often, you give them a reason to trust you and have confidence in your abilities. Your couple will know you took the time to learn their name, and you care enough to use it often during the shoot. The trust they have in you helps them open up and share their story.

Image Compliments of Justin and Mary Marantz


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