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6 Quick Lighting Tips from Wedding Pros


Lighting is a crucial aspect of your wedding photography. When you understand how to properly use light in your wedding shoots, you elevate your images (as well as your brand). You also gain the ability to identify light in any location, which helps speed up your shoots. Since there are always new things to learn about light and how to use it for your benefit, here are 6 quick lighting tips from wedding pros.

1. Find Natural Diffusion

Wedding photography duo Zach and Jody Gray discuss how to find natural diffusion in your shoots, especially when shooting at sunset with natural light. They first find something to take the sun (which is still a little bit up in the sky) and diffuse it, but not block it completely. Then, they put their clients’ backs to the sun, so the light creates a nice halo effect. Because they live in Tennessee and have a lot of trees there, they try to find one with some colored leaves on it that can tone down the power of the light and give them that glow and vibrant color.


Image Compliments of Zach and Jody Gray

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