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Top Lightroom Tips to Implement into Your Wedding Workflow


As a photographer, there are plenty of elements that go into the wedding process, especially your post-wedding workflow. One of the top tools for you to learn and feel comfortable with is Lightroom. When used correctly, Lightroom can help speed up your workflow and keep you as organized as possible. Since you work with various clients and have many tasks to accomplish, organization and speed are keys to your success.

In our Online Trainings, Guides, and blog posts, Lightroom Guru and ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Jared Platt, has shared valuable tips for how to use Lightroom to maximize your workflow. Here are the top Lightroom tips you should implement into your wedding workflow from the expert.

Organize Folders

Lightroom allows you to have folders to keep your images organized and easily accessible. Some of the ways to properly use folders in Lightroom is to create individual folders for each session you shoot. Use a folder structure that is similar to the way you store images on your hard drive. Make sure that the folders you create have descriptive names and avoid dates in their naming structure. Learn more about how to organize folders in Lightroom here.


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