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3 Secrets to Branding Your Wedding Photography Business


As an influential and experienced photographer in the industry, Vanessa Joy has so much expertise that she loves sharing with fellow photographers to help them grow their business and continuously refine and optimize their craft. At ShootDotEdit, one of our focuses is providing valuable resources for wedding photographers, and we’re excited to announce that Vanessa will now be sharing some of her insights with photographers every month on our blog. From business to shooting topics, Vanessa will provide actionable ways to grow your wedding photography business.

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In her first post, Vanessa discusses the importance of sharing your brand message with ideal clients. Continue on to read her 3 secret ways to brand your wedding photography business.


I remember one of my first introductions to branding. I was sitting in a workshop and the Nike logo popped up on the screen and then Mercedes and then Coca-Cola. It’s the most common way to explain branding. It is showing popular logos, letting the audience realize they have a connection to that logo, good or bad, and therefore creating a connection to that company and their product. That is branding, but that’s not all that branding is.


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