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Holiday Session Planning and Booking Tips for Wedding Photographers


The holidays are right around the corner, and this is the perfect time for you to plan and book holiday sessions for your clients. Holiday sessions are a great way to add extra income during the slow season, and help you meet new clients who are perfect for your photography business. You may be thinking how adding holiday sessions may add too many tasks to your plate, but we have the perfect solution for that. Below, we share how to properly plan and promote holiday sessions so you can book more clients. Plus, ways to encourage add-ons from every session!

Plan Holiday Sessions

Take some time to write out everything you need to successfully plan your holiday sessions. The steps you need to take involve deciding upon these items:

Number of sessions you offer. Choose how many sessions you will shoot (within reason) for holiday sessions. Keep in mind, holiday sessions are quick, but can add too much work to your plate if you overbook yourself. Set a number of sessions you want to book during this holiday season before you move on to the next steps.


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