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11 Steps to Run a Successful Instagram Contest 


One of the best parts about social media is you have the opportunity to test new strategies in front of countless potential clients. This is especially true for Instagram. From Stories, to hashtags, to links to other social platforms, there are plenty of ways for you to reach Instagram followers who are potential clients.

With your Instagram account, you should have fun with your followers and get them excited to see your posts every day. What’s a simple way to keep your followers engaged and motivated to interact with your posts? A contest! To get you started, here are 11 steps to run a successful contest on Instagram.

1. Determine the Details

Just like any other plan you create, determine the details for your contest. Decide how long it should run, and what the specific dates are. Then, give yourself a budget to spend for the entire contest. Finally, write down the goal you want to reach with this contest. If you want to increase your followers by a certain percent, or generate traffic to your website or blog, make sure you write that in your plan.


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