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Why Shouldn’t You Do It All Yourself?


When you first started your business, there were so many things you needed to do yourself to figure out the ins and outs of your new role. Then, as your business started to grow, you had more tasks and responsibilities than ever. And sure, doing everything yourself might have seemed like a good idea when you first started. But, taking on every project and task for your business is not a sustainable solution – not if you truly want to grow and reach your goals.

The cost of doing everything yourself adds up over time, and ultimately pushes you a little farther away from your overall goals. This is especially true for your post-wedding workflow, and even more so for your post production. Editing images from every wedding takes away valuable time from your workflow, which is an expense that can hinder your ability to advance your career.

Whether you edit the images yourself, or have an in-house editor, there are so many hidden costs of post production. What are these hidden costs, exactly? Take a look below at the various items you pay for when you do everything yourself.

Management Costs

One of your roles as a business owner is to manage your business. Although you manage it, you do not necessarily need to take care of every single task involved. When you edit images yourself, you take on additional management costs. What are some of these costs?

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