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Wedding Time-Crunches: 5 Tricks to Never Miss a Shot


Here at ShootDotEdit, we know that out of all of the weddings you have shot, chances are you have seen a timeline so off track you barely have any time to capture the most crucial images. Since your couple hired you to document their day, you have to know how to take those images in a limited timeframe. In our 127 Shots Guide, we share a photography playbook of the important images to take. Below, wedding photographers, Justin and Mary Marantz, share 5 tricks to help you never miss a shot during a wedding day time-crunch.


Sometimes, things just happen at a wedding. Despite the best intentions, the best planning, the most meticulous timeline, sometimes things just…get off track. Like I always tell my brides, there’s “real time” and then there’s “wedding time.” The two shall never be the same.

I’ve seen it happen 100 different ways. There was that makeup artist out of state who took 2 HOURS and 15 minutes just to do the bride’s makeup. Then, there was that time there was an unexpected parade (I mean, a PARADE!) on the way to the ceremony. 200 guests sitting in a cathedral, and the bridal party is stuck behind the Fighting Irish mid-state championship marching band. Yep, anything can happen on a wedding day.

Over and over in the past 10 years of shooting, we have seen beautiful 2-hour cushions of time that were slotted for portraits get cut down to about 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, we had to do all of the couple portraits, as well as the wedding party! It can happen to even the best timelines and the best planning. Sometimes, stuff just HAPPENS. In those moments, we have two choices. We can either cry (tempting!) OR we can pull ourselves together and come up with a game plan. So let’s do that! I think the best way to break it down is by putting it into 5 tips.

Download our 127 Essential Images Guide to receive a comprehensive photography playbook for the wedding day!


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