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9 Opportunities You May Be Saying “No” to Every Day


As an artist and an entrepreneur, you have endless responsibilities for your photography business. As your to-do list grows, you have less time to focus on things that help grow your business and advance your photography techniques. In addition to your business, you start to slowly miss out on opportunities in your personal life.

For every task or project you say “yes” to, you may also be saying “no” to other opportunities which could benefit you more. These include items that do not require your attention, and could be outsourced to a specialist. Some of these may include post production, album design, housekeeping, yard maintenance, and so much more. These are items you do not need to focus on, yet may take up most of your workflow if you are not outsourcing. What are some opportunities you may be saying “no” to every day (and don’t even know it)? Take a look below.

1. Going on Vacation

Vacation is one of those things that can often be pushed aside when there are too many things on your to-do list. If you are overloaded with tasks, you have no time to take time off and enjoy yourself with family or friends. Vacation is a great way for you to de-stress and not focus on the business, especially when you trust specialists with your tasks.


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