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4 Simple Workflow Hacks to Skyrocket Your Print Sales


In your photography business, do you know if you will make a profit by the end of the year? Our Pricing Calculator allows you to you list out every expense you have, and the income you will bring home. After you filled out the Calculator, take a look at where your profit comes from. How much of it comes from print sales? Chances are, your answer might be lower than where you want it to be.

Does this sound familiar? After you finalize the wedding details with your clients, and the shoot is over, you send them their images. Because you have so many tasks on your to-do list, and the next wedding shoot arrives, you push print sales aside. When you actually have the time to think about prints, your clients’ excitement about their wedding day has already dissipated.

Although it may seem like selling prints is another task you have to take care of, prints can drastically increase your income. But, print sales have to become a solid part of your workflow from the beginning of the process. Here are 4 simple workflow hacks to skyrocket your print sales.

1. Start from the Beginning

When you and your clients meet to discuss their wedding details, start the discussion of print sales. Many of your clients may not know the value of prints. Let them know what it will mean for them to purchase prints from their wedding day, and the memories they will have for years to come. In your wedding packages, share which ones allow them to easily purchase prints so they can showcase them in their homes with their loved ones.


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