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Upgrading Your Camera: When Should You?


Have you thought about upgrading your camera lately, but aren’t sure when the best time is? When you purchase gear for your photography business, it’s a big choice for you to make. In our Guide to Camera Bodies, we share the top cameras for wedding photographers. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide whether you actually need a new camera or if you just want one. Camera bodies are expensive, and require thought on your part. If you think you are ready, or even if you know you won’t be ready for a while, here are things you can ask yourself when you want to know when you should upgrade your camera.

Camera Limitations

Does your camera limit you from photography activities? For example, do you find you shoot in dark locations quite a bit? Shooting in the dark can be a challenge alone, so if your camera lacks the ISO performance to shoot at low light, you may want to consider purchasing a new one.

“If you know you’re going to shoot in low light, you have to have a camera that has high ISO. If you don’t feel comfortable with your camera shooting at 3200 ISO or higher, I give you the right to go buy yourself a new camera. You have to make sure you are going to produce professional quality even in low light.” – Scott Robert Lim


Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim 

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