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Top 5 Tips for Lighting and Posing


As Dorothea Lange once said, “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” Simply, it means everything you do in an image is saved for the couple to cherish forever after their wedding day. To ensure you create the best photos every time, lighting and posing are two of the most important aspects of photography for you to master.

In our Online Training: Live Posing and Lighting Critique with Jen Rozenbaum, Jen reviewed images submitted by photographers from around the world. Throughout the training, she provided ways for you to constructively critique your images and how to advance your skills in lighting and posing. Here are the top 5 tips from Jen’s training you can use in your upcoming shoots.

“We don’t learn from our good images; we learn from the ones that can be improved on.” – Jen Rozenbaum

1. Focus on the Pose

When you understand what you are looking for when it comes to posing, you can always create a good pose. To know what makes a good pose, Jen has three different rules:

  • A good pose allows your subject(s) to look as good as they do in real life, if not better. Every time you look at an image, ask yourself if your clients look just as good or better. For you to achieve the best poses possible, communicate with your clients to discover what they envision for their wedding photos, and focus on that to create poses and set proper lighting.

Image Compliments of Jen Rozenbaum 

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