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3 Simple Steps for Shooting at Sunset with Natural Light


Here at ShootDotEdit, we know some lighting situations cause challenges. Because of this, it’s necessary to learn new ways to shoot in any scenario, including in natural light. How comfortable are you shooting in natural light? To provide you with some help for this, wedding photography duo, Zach and Jody Gray will share 3 steps to use natural light during sunset shoots to achieve images your clients will love every time.


1. Find Natural Diffusion

First, we find something to take the sun (which is still a little bit up in the sky) and diffuse it, but NOT block it completely. Then, we put our clients’ backs to the sun, so the light creates a nice halo effect. We live in Tennessee and have LOTS of trees here, so we try and find one with some colored leaves on it that can tone down the power of the light and give us that glow and vibrant color.


Image Compliments of Zach and Jody Gray


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