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The Keys to Pricing: Selling Products and Services A La Carte


Pricing for your business can often be a challenging part of your role as the owner. When deciding on what type of pricing to use, there are two choices. You can create tiered wedding photography packages which feature your products and services. The second option is to create A La Carte pricing, which allows your clients to choose the products and services they desire for their wedding day. A La Carte can be a challenging pricing model to master, but can help you increase your overall profit through add-ons from clients. So you can take a look at your current pricing and decide whether you want to make a change, here are 4 tips to selling your products and services A La Carte.

1. Create a Reasonable Starting Price

Similar to a pricing model based off of Packages, the starting price of your basic collection for A La Carte is vitally important. If you charge too much for your coverage, you risk pushing a lot of potential bookings away. With an A La Carte model, you rely on post-booking sales. Pushing away clients who would have spent money, but did not book because of your starting price, is destructive. If you charge too little for your coverage, you open up the opportunity to not make enough money. Often times, clients who are attracted to a lower coverage price do not upgrade as often, leaving you with less in post-booking sales.


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