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How many images do your clients REALLY want?


Does this question sound familiar from your bride and groom? “How many images do you deliver from a wedding?” When you hear this, your immediate response might be to tell them a number as high as possible so they think they are getting a better experience from you. Hold that thought! Did you know that you might actually be hurting your clients (and adding more stress into their lives) when you deliver too many images? While clients might think they want 1,000 images from their special day, once they begin looking at their images, they might quickly become overwhelmed by the sea of images they have to view!

The number you choose is crucial! Remember, the experience your clients have with you does not stop after the wedding day. Their experience and overall happiness includes how many images you provide after the wedding, so it’s important for you to choose a number that will not overwhelm them or cause them stress. So, the real question is: how many images do you clients really want? Read on to discover how many images some of the pros deliver to their clients, and why they chose that number.

Less is More

When you send your clients thousands of images after the wedding day, this gives them too many options when it comes to deciding which to print or use in an album. If your clients have too many decisions to make, it becomes a stressful process for them. Not only does this cause headaches for them, it alters the way they think about their overall experience with you.

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