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Quick Tricks to Add Links on Your Instagram Account


Instagram is rapidly becoming a must-have social media site for wedding photographers. You can share your images, more about who you are, and what your brand represents – all which attract ideal clients who would love to work with you and have you take their photos. Your Instagram business account is one way for clients to interact with you, but how can you continue to build the relationship so they access your website, blog, or other social platforms?

Although Instagram does not allow you to place clickable links directly on your posts, you can use links on your bio located on the main page. And since your bio should already feature a link to your website or blog, you can easily change it when you post different content to your other sites. So, what type of links should you include, and how can you encourage your followers to click them? Read on to find out quick tricks to add links on your account, and don’t forget to download our Instagram Guide for additional tips and tricks!

Create a Strategy for Links

As you start to feature links on your account, create a strategy for how often you change the link, what you change it to, and what to do with old posts that mention a unique link. Because the idea behind sharing links on your account is to encourage followers to access your website, blog, or other platforms, a specific strategy gives you the best chance at achieving your goal.


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