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51 Things to Know when Starting a Photography Business


Do you recall the moment you knew you wanted to make your photography dream into a reality and start a photography business? Here at ShootDotEdit, we know running a business is a tough for anyone, and especially as a photographer. Not only do you need to take gorgeous photos and interact with ideal clients, you also have to tend to the important tasks that keep your business running and successful. Since there are so many aspects for you to focus on, how do you know which tasks are most important and ones you can leave behind?

Today, Ben Hartley of Style & Story Creative shares 51 things he wishes he would have known when starting a photography business. These items can help you when you are first starting out in your business, as you can skip some of the tasks which are not necessary to focus on. This list can also help you as a photographer who has been in business for years, as you can take a look at your business and decide what you can change to make every process you have streamlined and succinct.



1. Being a photographer is 1st being a small business owner and 2nd being a professional photographer

2. You will have less, not more, free time as a small business owner

3. Taxes are real; set aside money to pay them

4. Personality is as important as product

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