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Photographers Reveal their Largest Business Bottlenecks


How often does this happen to you? You take a look at your tasks for the month and schedule time to work on them based on their importance. Then, there are tasks you have that you know you should work on, but never have the chance to. Those tasks begin to pile up and then you have a bottleneck in your business. 

A business bottleneck is something that holds you back from completing the work you know you need to do, but are not excited about. Maybe you feel guilty about pushing it off, or maybe you just dislike doing it altogether. Do you sometimes feel like you are the only photographer in the industry that has business bottlenecks? We have good news; you are not the only one! We have a few photographers who are ready to reveal their largest business bottlenecks, and chances are – they are similar to yours!

Publishing and Sharing Images

Much of the traction you receive for your images happens after you share them on your website, blog, and social media. A few other ways to gain attention for your photos is to publish them on a wedding blog or in a magazine. Also, sharing images with vendors means your work can be in front of their entire audience (who can be ideal clients you have yet to reach). Often times, publishing and sharing images takes many steps, and if it is not currently part of your workflow, you may not get it done.

“Sometimes, I get so busy and move on to the next wedding that I forget to submit the images to a publication or share them with every vendor. It’s huge to share photos with vendors of their work because I couldn’t create those images without their talents. I want them to know I appreciate them after the shoot is over.” Terra Cooper


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