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3 Custom Camera Settings to Speed Up Your Shoots


Here at ShootDotEdit, we believe Fast is Best.We know that one of the keys to success for you is to find ways to speed up various parts of your business. Whether you trim time from your shoots, regular tasks and projects, or post-wedding workflow, you should always think of new ways to become faster at what you do. As well as the tasks you take care of for your business, you spend a lot of time with your camera. During an engagement or wedding shoot, you likely spend hours shooting and adjusting settings on your camera to capture images for the bride and groom.

How well do you know the current camera you use? Have you discovered custom settings on your camera to help you quickly shoot during an engagement shoot or the wedding day? Custom settings for your camera can differ depending on the model, but all achieve the same goal: to eliminate time. Here are 3 custom camera settings you should use to speed up your shoots.

1. Use Back Button Focus

Does this sound familiar? During a shoot, you take multiple images in a row of the bride and groom, and in between each shot you pressed the shutter button halfway down to properly focus the image. You are confident you captured the best photos; however, when you take time to review, you realize that half of the photos are out of focus. Not only is this frustrating, but you risk on missing some of the best moments during the day.


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