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Creating Dynamic Photos using the Rule of Thirds


Whether you are a new photographer or have been shooting for years, how often are you using the rule of thirds for your images? Chances are you might know a bit about the rule of thirds, as it was likely one of the first lessons you learned about photography. But, are you using it to the best of your ability to create memorable and interesting images from every shoot?

For some, the rule of thirds revolves around how images are composed, and others use it as a starting point and then develop different framing techniques. The great thing about the rule of thirds is it allows you to look at your images differently. It is also helpful because it takes you away from shooting the same images every time. Instead of shooting your couple straight on, the rule of thirds allows you to move them away from the center of the photo. So you can discover if you are using the rule of thirds to its fullest, and to help in creating dynamic photos, here are a few tips you can use for your next shoot.

Understand the Concept


The rule of thirds is based on a 3×3 grid where you place your subjects on the imaginary points where the lines intersect. Within the grid, use the rule of thirds to place the couple (or subject) in the top, bottom, left, or right portion of the frame. This splits the image differently than it would when you place the subject directly in the center of the image.

Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim

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