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Stop Making Branding Mistakes: Solving Identity Crisis


Have you ever missed out on booking an ideal client because of a branding mistake in your business? Often times, branding mistakes occur unintentionally, and since making adjustments in your business can take time, it may be likely you have not had the opportunity to fix the issue.

In our Branding Guide, we cover 7 mistakes wedding photographers make in their photography business. The first mistake we highlight is suffering from an identity crisis. When you share too many conflicting details about who you are as a photographer, and what you specialize in, you risk sending a confusing message to clients. Because you are a unique photographer who has a specialty unlike anyone else, it is crucial to your success to identify what your specialty is so you can attract the right clients to your business.

Identify a Specialty

As a photographer, you may enjoy shooting other areas outside of wedding photography, which is a great opportunity to practice your skills. But, if you are sharing multiple types of photography on your website, you may cause confusion for clients searching for a wedding photographer. To solve this, identify the type of weddings you want to shoot and the type of clients you want to interact with.


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