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Top 5 Tips for Doubling Income with Signature Style


When you think about growing your business, what do you know you need to focus on to become the best photographer and business owner possible? Creating a Signature Style is one of the best ways for you to grab the attention of ideal clients and increase your overall income. Although developing your own style seems simple, there are important steps you must take to achieve success. Taking the time to develop a style which is recognizable to clients requires time and patience, but can allow you to quickly grow your business and your skills as a photographer.

In webinar, Doubling your Income with a Signature Style, Scott Robert Lim shared how to quickly create a unique style of your own to increase your profit drastically. To give you a sneak peek into our upcoming webinar, and to help you move closer to your goals, here are the top 5 tips for doubling your income.

“Passion gives us hope when the rewards of our efforts are disappointing.” – Scott Robert Lim

1. Master the Fundamentals

During a wedding shoot, there are various elements for you to attend to at once. Because there are so many technical aspects you need to utilize, mastering the fundamentals can help develop your Signature Style and double your income over time. The fundamentals include composition, lighting, and posing. In many of your shoots, you have to use all three at once. If you are unable to properly execute any of the fundamentals, your shoots could suffer and your creativity may be stunted. Scott breaks down the necessities of the fundamentals:

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