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Mastering Wedding Reception Uplighting


Here at ShootDotEdit, we know shooting the wedding day can include challenging situations, from shooting in unflattering locations to unfavorable lighting situations. Even though there may not always be the best lighting, you are responsible for capturing gorgeous photos for your clients. Today, Amy and Jordan Demos are sharing tips for how to photograph wedding reception uplighting to tell a better color story for your clients.



Uplighting is the additional lighting that’s brought in to the reception (typically by a band or DJ) to illuminate the walls and give them color, dimension, and texture, so they’re not black holes where light goes to die. Brides love uplighting because it’s prettier than black and continues the color story of their wedding. If, for example, their colors are blush and navy, pink or purple is a beautiful accent to compliment their choice, rather than orange, a more standard uplighting color. Uplighting is usually only a few hundred dollars more as an add-on with a bride’s band or DJ package, and, as far as photos are concerned, as least in our opinion, it’s one of the best values because it adds an extra pop to all of the reception images!

As a photographer, when you find yourself in a room with uplighting, especially if it’s a flattering color your client is excited about and you know you want to include as much of as possible in your reception photos, here are three quick tips to help you get the maximize every frame.


Image Compliments of Amy and Jordan Demos


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