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3 Tips to Master the Art of Vignetting


The history of photography shapes the way a photographer uses cameras and shooting styles in today’s advanced industry. Before digital, photographers used film to capture moments from couples and special events. Because many cameras did not have advanced features, there were some limitations and inevitable results from film. One example of this is when shooting in film, certain cameras created a vignette on the edges of the image. Most of the time, this was an unintentional addition on the photos, but could enhance images if done correctly.

A vignette occurs when the outside of an image is faded or darker than the center of the image. Vignetting can be beneficial, because it allows the eye to focus directly on the center of the image, helping the center become the most important aspect of the image. There are several ways to include a vignette in your photos, and here are 3 tips to help you master the art of vignetting.

1. Understand the Types

There are various ways for you to create vignettes on your photos, even while you are shooting. Two of the types of vignetting you can work with are mechanical and natural. You may not always want to add a vignette to your photos, but understanding the differences between each of the types of vignettes can help you easily create the desired effect for your photos.


Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim


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