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How to Handle Criticism as a Photographer


As someone who connects with people on a regular occasion, there are many times you will encounter negative feedback or an angry client. Whether these individuals are interested in helping you fix parts of your business, or are only commenting to upset you, it can be crucial to your success to maintain composure with any criticism. Today, Virginia wedding photographer, Katelyn James is sharing her tips to handling criticism in her business.



People warned me… “Katelyn, growth doesn’t come without a price.” One in particular once told me that if you’re not being criticized, it could be a sign you’re not taking enough risks. We have hit a place in our business where we can post the most well-meaning content and somehow… despite all efforts to cover our bases and state disclaimers… people will still find a way to be offended.

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That’s just the world we live in! The more you grow, the more people you reach, the more likely you are to offend someone. Since I’m the “feeler” of my family and always have been, this poses an interesting scenario for me. When I get a pretty harsh blog comment that judges my character, my natural reaction would be to 1. Tell Michael 2. Have a little pity party for myself and then 3. Over analyze everything I’ve ever written, shared, or taught.


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