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Why Pre-Designing Albums is Crucial


In your photography business, selling products and services assists you in increasing your overall profit. Selling albums to your clients is one of the best ways for you to help your clients remember their wedding day and to bring in additional income to your business. But, creating albums can sometimes cause confusion and headaches if they are not done properly. Just as you should be outsourcing your images to a photography post production company, you need to be looking at other areas of your workflow which can benefit from a streamlined process. Andrew Funderburg, founder of Fundy Software, is going to share how you can pre-design albums to make the process simpler for your workflow and increase your profit. 



In the first article, we talked about shooting with intent. Then we described how to translate the images from that wedding into an album story. Now, it’s time to discuss why pre-designing your wedding albums is crucial to your workflow and to your post-wedding sales.

Eliminate Stressful Decisions

Pre-designing your album before you deliver any images to your client is crucial. The truth is, your couples don’t know what they want. They experienced this very sentimental event, and now it’s over. In best case scenario, the leftover feelings are fraught with both happy & mixed emotions. How they ultimately will remember the day, and the experience with you, is how you present it to them. 

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