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7 Ideas for Including the Landscape in your Portraits


During an engagement session or wedding shoot, how often do you incorporate landscapes into your photos? If you shoot most of your weddings outdoors, chances are you work with stunning landscapes during many of your shoots. If you primarily shoot indoors, do you suggest to your clients to step outside and capture some of nature’s beauty?

Spicing up your portfolio is key to remaining current and inspired in the photography industry. Although shooting with remarkable landscapes may seem simple, it can also become a bit of a challenge. When you choose a location to shoot in, there are still plenty of decisions to make in regard to capturing perfect shots, from the perfect angles, lighting conditions, and compositional elements. Here are 7 ideas for including the landscape in your portraits to create interesting and compelling photos for your couple.

1. Scout Stunning Locations

Is there a certain place the bride and groom mentioned they would love to visit to have their photos taken? This is an opportunity to find a unique location to shoot your couple during their engagement session or wedding portraits. If your couple is unsure where they want to go, but know they want to take their photos outside, make sure you have a few ideas for locations which would make for perfect landscape shoots in your area. 


Image Compliments of Danny and Julia Dong


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