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Stay Inspired: Pushing Past Fears and Conquering Challenging Situations


Have you ever noticed it seems that every professional photographer’s career is marked by one moment when they are faced with a life changing decision? This is a moment when the culmination of all the hard work is compressed into a single tick of the clock. While only a single passing of the second hand, a deep breath, a click of the shutter, a step forward, it is at the same time the culmination of an arduous affair of life’s work compacted into that quick blink of an eye.

Photographer Sarah Zimmer recently experienced this slowing of the earth when she stepped onto the media riser—under the gaze of a sea of eyes—to shoot the first wedding of 2016 in Times Square, on New Year’s Eve. “How exactly had I arrived at this moment?” She confessed asking herself. “And, had my 8 years of experience as a wedding photographer been enough preparation for me to survive it?” Here is the journey Sarah took to place herself at the first wedding of the year in New York City.

Landing the Opportunity

A few months earlier, during a quick trip up to San Francisco for a wedding, Sarah stopped by for a cup of coffee with her father—famed entrepreneur and spokesperson, George Zimmer. In the midst of heated discussions about the evolving SF Niner’s season and the amazing homemade matzah ball soup for dinner, her dad commented about a little “wedding thing” his new company—Generation Tux—was hosting in New York over the holidays. Intrigued, Sarah pushed for details. A contest? For newly engaged couples? To get married in New York City? In times Square? On New Year’s Eve? UNDER THE BALL DROP?!

“Dad! Sounds like you need a wedding photographer!” Sarah smiled across the kitchen table.


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