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8 Secrets to Shooting Stellar Portraits in the Snow


When you shoot the wedding day for your couple, it is not always easy to know exactly what the weather will be like. Depending on where your target market is, you could shoot one wedding in the sun and the next in the rain or snow. Knowing how to shoot in any weather condition is key to growing as a photographer and booking clients who are perfect for you.

Shooting in the snow can be an opportunity for you to capture unique and gorgeous photos. But, what happens when a shoot in the snow does not turn out as planned? Learning the best ways to handle this type of shoot can help you document every important moment, regardless of the weather conditions. So you can get started shooting in the snow today, here are 8 secrets to shooting stellar portraits in the snow.

1. Arrive with a Plan

Even if you are a photographer who is a comfortable shooting in colder weather, arriving at the shoot with a cohesive plan can help make your time move quickly. The same can be said for your couple; they may be used to the winter weather and snow, but probably never had to stand still, smile, and pose for the camera during those type of conditions. If it is an engagement session, the bride and groom can be more bundled than usual, but their faces will still be exposed to the cold for a period of time. On the wedding day, the bride is wearing her dress which is light and not proper attire for the cold. She will probably not have too much to cover her since a jacket will take away from the details of her dress. Avoid any discomfort for you and your couple by planning out the engagement session or wedding shoot.


Image Compliments of Jason and Gina Grubb


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