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3 Essentials for Capturing Sun Flare


When you are shooting the bride and groom during their engagement session or wedding day, what lighting techniques are you comfortable using? Because there are always various lighting scenarios you may find yourself in throughout a shoot, understanding exactly how to deal with each situation assists you in becoming comfortable shooting through any light. Whether you consider yourself a natural light photographer or you enjoy using off-camera lighting, expanding your knowledge of lighting ensures you can work in any location, with any type of lighting.

When the sun is shining bright during the day, take the opportunity to look for sun flare. Sun flare occurs when the light scatters before it hits your camera, providing streaks of unique lighting for your photos. When you properly shoot for sun flare, you create an artistic look for your couple during their wedding shoots. So you can include sun flare on your next sunny day shoot, here are 3 essentials to capturing it for your images.

1. Use Backlighting Techniques

Because sun flare is available throughout the day, unless it is cloudy, position your couple in front of the light source. Placing the bride and groom between your camera and the sun flare uses similar techniques to backlighting. When the sun is behind your couple, it creates a flattering light for them and brightens the photo. Since sun flare is scattered light, it assists in developing a diverse look to highlight the details of your couple (and flatters their faces). In order to really get the light on your couples, you need to use a reflector. Because you are backlighting them, there is going to be more light in the background rather than on their faces.


Image Compliments of Jason and Gina Grubb


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