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Black and White Images That Will Inspire You


As a photographer, learning new skills and fine-tuning the ones you currently have is a great way for you to master your unique photography style. Another way to gain inspiration for new ways to create memorable images is to look at other wedding photographers’ imagery. Black and white photos are great to help you tell a story from the wedding day and to highlight the important moments.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we love to share amazing images by photographers from all around the world on our various platforms. Today, we want to share a few black and white photos from industry pros that will give you inspiration.

Liam Kidney Photography

In this black and white photo, Liam Kidney Photography, a part of our ShootDotEdit Customer Community, captured a fun photo of the couple on an open road with a dramatic sky!

couple walking on the road in a black and white image

Image by Liam Kidney Photography


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Top 5 Tips: How to Best Use Light in Wedding Photography

light in photography

Understanding light in photography is a crucial part of your role as a wedding photographer. The types of lighting in photography will differ from every location and subjects you work with. Light in photography is one of the elements can cause the most challenges during your shoots since it often can be unpredictable. Without the ability to accurately identify and use proper lighting in your shoots, you risk the overall quality of your imagery. What can you do to simplify lighting to create the images you desire?


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Top Lightroom Tips to Implement into Your Wedding Workflow


As a photographer, there are plenty of elements that go into the wedding process, especially your post-wedding workflow. One of the top tools for you to learn and feel comfortable with is Lightroom. When used correctly, Lightroom can help speed up your workflow and keep you as organized as possible. Since you work with various clients and have many tasks to accomplish, organization and speed are keys to your success.

In our Online Trainings, Guides, and blog posts, Lightroom Guru and ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Jared Platt, has shared valuable tips for how to use Lightroom to maximize your workflow. Here are the top Lightroom tips you should implement into your wedding workflow from the expert.

Organize Folders

Lightroom allows you to have folders to keep your images organized and easily accessible. Some of the ways to properly use folders in Lightroom is to create individual folders for each session you shoot. Use a folder structure that is similar to the way you store images on your hard drive. Make sure that the folders you create have descriptive names and avoid dates in their naming structure. Learn more about how to organize folders in Lightroom here.


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The Story Behind the Image: How Shane and Lauren Created a Romantic Wedding Windmill Shot


One of the ways we love to provide inspiration for you is to share breathtaking images by pro wedding photographers from all over the world on our Facebook page. It’s one of our favorite things to do (besides help you with your wedding photography post production)!

So you can learn additional ways to approach your upcoming shoots, we want to share a quick behind-the-scenes look into the details and the story behind some of these images. Today, we are focusing on Shane and Lauren Photography’s gorgeous windmill photo at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in northern San Diego County.


Image Compliments of Shane and Lauren Photography


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7 Essential Album Design and Sales Tips from Industry Pros


It’s the time of year when you are finalizing client products from this year’s busy season. Of these products, you likely have quite a few albums to complete and deliver. Even though they are time-consuming, albums help you create happy clients and increase your overall profit.

To help you speed up the process and sell more albums to clients, we’ve gathered essential tips from industry pros who are experts in all things wedding albums. Here are 7 album design and sales tips to implement into your workflow today.

1. Shoot for the Album Design

One of your responsibilities as the wedding photographer is to tell a story from the wedding day. When you shoot for the album design, not only do you capture moments to tell a story, but you speed up the process for choosing photos. Andrew Funderburg of Fundy Software shares the benefits of strategically shooting for the album design in this post, as well as how to identify the best moments to capture from every shoot.

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How to Spice Up Your Instagram Business Account: Diversifying Your Posts


How vital is your Instagram business account in your marketing plan for your photography business? With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram can help you expand your reach exponentially to ideal clients.

Since Instagram is such an influential platform for your marketing efforts, it’s necessary to stay up-to-date with the posts you share. One way to do this is to ensure you have diverse posts that keep your followers excited and engaged. Here are a few tricks to help you spice up your Instagram business account through diversifying your posts.

Start a Series

Have you ever started a series on your blog? It could have been related to your photography business, or was geared more toward your personal life. Maybe you did something along the lines of a “Fun Friday” post, where you shared something exciting you did every Friday on your blog. You can do the same with your Instagram account, and still connect with followers. If you decide to share the delicious things you bake every week, pick a day and post a photo of the final result. Series give your followers another reason to visit your account and see your photos.


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Online Training: The Keys to Lighting in Any Situation


As a wedding photographer, understanding lighting is a crucial part of your role. Every shoot will have different scenarios, with various lighting for you to work with. Without the ability to accurately identify and use proper lighting in your shoots, you risk the overall quality of your imagery. How can you comfortably work with lighting to create photos your clients will love (and ones which will share your overall brand message)?

In our free Online Training: The Keys to Lighting in Any Situation, wedding photographer and lighting pro, Roberto Valenzuela, will share the keys to lighting in any situation. He will help you gain confidence to use lighting to your advantage to develop the best images for your wedding clients.

Wednesday, November 9th 
10am PST – 11am PST



Image Compliments of Roberto Valenzuela


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3 Secrets to Branding Your Wedding Photography Business


As an influential and experienced photographer in the industry, Vanessa Joy has so much expertise that she loves sharing with fellow photographers to help them grow their business and continuously refine and optimize their craft. At ShootDotEdit, one of our focuses is providing valuable resources for wedding photographers, and we’re excited to announce that Vanessa will now be sharing some of her insights with photographers every month on our blog. From business to shooting topics, Vanessa will provide actionable ways to grow your wedding photography business.

Download our free Guide to quickly identify and eliminate branding mistakes in your photography business!

In her first post, Vanessa discusses the importance of sharing your brand message with ideal clients. Continue on to read her 3 secret ways to brand your wedding photography business.


I remember one of my first introductions to branding. I was sitting in a workshop and the Nike logo popped up on the screen and then Mercedes and then Coca-Cola. It’s the most common way to explain branding. It is showing popular logos, letting the audience realize they have a connection to that logo, good or bad, and therefore creating a connection to that company and their product. That is branding, but that’s not all that branding is.


Image Compliments of Vanessa Joy Photography


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The Story Behind the Image: How Jelger and Tanja Captured Running Horses during the Wedding Day


Here at ShootDotEdit, we love to help photographers with their wedding photography post processing. We also enjoy sharing inspirational imagery on our Facebook page from fellow photographers to give you motivation to shoot and create stunning photos for your clients.

Today, we wanted to share a bit of behind-the-scenes information about a gorgeous wedding image by Jelger and Tanja, Photographers, that we featured on our Facebook page earlier this year. We recently interviewed the Vancouver wedding photography duo to find out some of the details behind this photo of the horses running in the background.


Image Compliments of Jelger and Tanja, Photographers


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How to Grow Your Wedding Business with Holiday Cards


With your Holiday Card Template Pack and the 10-step process to creating a successful holiday campaign, you have the tools to excite your clients, bring in some additional income, and gain awareness for your wedding photography business.

One of the fastest ways for you to build strong relationships, and turn your clients into referral engines, is to keep in touch after the wedding day is over. Clients who trust you and remember their positive experience with you will be the ones who will refer you to their loved ones.

The holiday season brings the slow season. Now is the perfect time for you to reach out to your past and current clients with holiday cards! Once you create branded cards through the 10-step process, it’s time to use them to grow your business. Here are a few tips to help you grow your wedding photography business through holiday cards.

Send Personal Photos

As their photographer, you spend so much time on your client’s photos and how you can make them special. Sometimes, though, it can be helpful to share your favorite photos of your personal life. This can include photos of your family, friends, and those closest to you. When you send a holiday card with your loved ones on it, you remind clients you are not just a photographer. You are a part of a family, and have a life outside of your business, which humanizes you in their eyes.


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