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9 Simple Tricks to Using a Video Light


When shooting during the wedding day, being comfortable with your couple and knowledgeable about how to capture the best images is key to a smooth shoot. Because your shoots may occur during any point of the day, it is necessary for you to understand how to use various lighting techniques. Though the wedding shoot happens quickly and you are constantly moving, you have an opportunity to test out your skills in lighting. For you to capture dynamic images for your couple, you must learn about tools which can help provide the perfect light.

A video light is a small and consistent light source which provides a harsh and direct light. Knowing how to use this light so it does not overpower your shoot is a must. Here are 9 simple tricks to help you use a video light in your next wedding shoot.

France Photographers Video Light

Image Compliments of France Photographers

1. Position the Light Correctly

When shooting the bride and groom, create light to flatter your couple by positioning it correctly. A video light allows you to focus more easily on the light on one subject, rather than lighting everything in the background. Because of its harshness, height is crucial when using a video light. To create flattering shadows on your couple’s faces, hold the light above the center of their eyes so the shadow is just below their noses. Be sure to keep the light equal on their faces, especially when they are looking directly at the camera.


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