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12 Apple Shortcuts to Speed up Your Day


Here at ShootDotEdit, we know how much your workflow is affected by constant deadlines and piling tasks. Every day can be spent behind your computer if your workflow is not manageable. Since Apple products are popular within the photography community, you can incorporate shortcuts into your workflow to help you eliminate time spent on projects which may not necessarily help you grow. In the past, we’ve covered how to use Lightroom shortcuts and how you can use tools to help you speed up your workflow. So you can spend less of your time behind the computer, here are 12 Apple shortcuts we love to help you speed up your day. After you’re done reading, check out the entire list of Apple keyboard shortcuts here.

1. Copy and Paste

Much of the communication between you and your clients is done through email. Sometimes, you may keep client information in a separate document found on your computer. Using the keyboard shortcut Command + C quickly copies the text you want to move elsewhere, and Command + V allows you to immediately paste the text into the chosen document.

Tip: When you copy and paste text from an email or document and place it into a new format, the formatting or font may be different. Press Control + Command + V to paste the text in a notebook (such as TextEdit) and remove the formatting before placing it in a new document.

2. Switch Applications

When you are in the middle of a busy day of work on your computer, multiple programs are likely open at the same time. Rather than spending the time searching for a program you need at the moment, hold down “Command” and press “Tab” to display an icon of every open application on your computer. Select the program you need to work in by pressing Command + TAB until you land on the correct program.


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