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Office Design and Setup Inspiration from 11 Industry Pros


When you decided to become a wedding photographer, the decision came with a lot of responsibility, as well as a bit of pressure. As your brand continues to develop, it is important to have a dedicated workspace for your business. This is somewhere you can be yourself and feel inspired to successfully run your photography business. Your office should be a stress-free work environment which helps you be the best business owner possible. The more comfortable you are in your space, the better work you will produce. To help you get started on your office design, we put together a list of 11 industry pros who have successfully created an office design to help them stay consistently inspired in their business.

1. Stephanie Messick

When creating a design for your office, it can be necessary to separate your business from your personal life. Developing a space for your business that is it its own can help you focus on achieving your goals. If your office is in your home, perhaps you can make it a room in which no one else can enter besides you and any clients you meet. In addition to creating an office focused on your work, it should be a place you love to be, as well as a place your clients are excited to visit. This can assist you in motivating yourself to accomplish the necessary task your business needs to grow.

Destination Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Stephanie Messick, has an office design which is dedicated entirely to her business, rather than splitting her personal and work spaces. When you create an office similar to this, you can create a space which drives you to do some of your best work.


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