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7 Facebook Cover Image Designs We Love

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In your wedding photography business, there are many avenues you can take to reach and connect with clients. The various social media platforms available for wedding photographers makes building relationships with clients simpler than ever before. Facebook, in particular, is a social media platform which allows photographers to create a business page and feature relevant content with thousands of clients at once.

Since a majority of photographers are on Facebook reaching clients who may be ideal for you, you need a way to stand out and encourage those clients to book you for their wedding day. One of the best ways to attract ideal clients to your Facebook page (and get them to move on to your website) is to feature a dynamic cover image design. The cover image on Facebook is one of the first things a client will see when accessing your business page. For you to grab the attention of clients who are perfect for you, your cover image should showcase who you are as a photographer and business owner. To give you inspiration on your design, we’ve put together 7 of our favorite Facebook cover images from photographers in the industry.

1. Create a Simple Cover Image

When a client views your Facebook business page, their eye will first divert to your cover image design. If there is too much happening on your image, and it does not represent your brand, it could cause confusion for clients. After all, you are in control of the images they receive after the wedding day. Your cover image design tells clients what type of photos you enjoy creating, and what you will likely produce for them. The simpler and cleaner your cover image design is, the easier it is for clients to get an idea of your style.

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