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6 Plugins you Need for your Photography Website


When a bride and groom take the time to search for a wedding photographer on the Internet, the first glimpse of your business they see is your website. As the couple browse through your website, they decide whether or not they want to choose you as their wedding photographer. How can you grab their attention and encourage them to work with you (and spread the word with their friends and family)? Website plugins are hacks to help you increase interaction from your clients, which invites them to learn more about you and your business.

Since there are so many ways you can use the technology available today and increase the traffic and bookings to your website, we decided to put a list together of helpful tools you can use. Here are the 6 plugins you need for your photography business to reach ideal clients.

1. OmniGallery

As a wedding photographer, you share content with your clients regularly. With the various social platforms available to you, there are plenty of opportunities for you to reach new audiences. Since it is important to get ideal clients to reach your website, it is necessary for you to use a tool that helps you connect the various channels.

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OmniGallery is a WordPress plugin that helps you add your images from other social platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, to your website. If you decide to shoot an image on your iPhone and post it on a social network, visitors to your website cannot see this image. Using this plugin allows you to include your images on your website and blog from any platform and add them into the gallery of your choice. This is important because there are many times you share on one platform and not on any other. When you install this plugin into your website, your content is shared with your visitors on your website. [···]

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