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Top 5 Tips to Skyrocket Your Bookings


As a wedding photographer, it’s necessary to book more clients each year to grow your business. But have you ever wondered how to book the weddings that you want with the current wedding images that you have?

In our Skyrocket your Bookings with just your Images Webinar, wedding photographers Amy and Jordan Demos discussed how to utilize the images you already have to grow your business. With your own images, you can book more clients and increase your overall profit. Together they discussed how to use compelling images to aid you in creating dynamic content for your website and blog. They also shared effective photography strategies to enhance the imagery within your galleries. Here are the top 5 tips to skyrocket your bookings.

1. Shoot Your Photos Like You’re “At the World Series”

Having the right mindset is an important factor when it comes to increasing your client bookings. During every wedding, always give your photos your best, creative effort. Regardless of the venue or your client’s budget, shoot your photos as if you were you were hired to shoot for the World Series. This will bring you closer to your goals, and over time, will increase your profit and bookings. When Amy and Jordan flipped their mentality to think like this, it was very powerful for them. When you shoot every wedding as if you are shooting for your ideal client, you will begin to attract more of your target market to your wedding photography business.  [···]

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