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Using Content to Attract Engaged Couples


With over 2 million weddings occurring in the U.S. each year, there is no shortage of couples for you to photograph. With an abundance of weddings happening each year, you have the luxury of determining who your ideal clients are and focusing on shooting those weddings. Once you determine this though, how do you properly market to them?

When it comes to your marketing efforts, 80% of it should focus on couples who are engaged. Glowing with happiness, these newly engaged couples are soon going to be planning every aspect of their wedding, from the color scheme to the music selection, to the photographer. They will have several photography options, so it is important that you stand out! It is crucial to continuously give to your target market that is recently engaged. Provide content that is relevant and helpful, and prove to them that they can trust you. Here are a few ways to use your content to attract engaged couples to your photography business.

Solve their problems

As a wedding photographer, you are an expert in all things relating to the big day. Because of this, you should create useful content that will help assist engaged couples in their journey to the wedding day. To determine the topics you should focus on, do some homework – what are some subjects that your past clients wished they had known during their engagement process? Are there problems that you can help them overcome or tips you can share that will make certain processes simpler? [···]

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