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14 Must Have’s on your Wedding Photography Checklist


Have you ever woken up on the day of a wedding and realized that you forgot to charge your camera batteries the night before? Or perhaps the outfit you were planning to wear was still in the hamper after last weekend’s wedding? It can be easy to forget the number of things you should do in order to prepare for a wedding. Just as you work to create systems for the business aspects of photography, it is important to have a wedding photography checklist in place when it comes to shooting!

Wedding Photography Checklist

Pro Wedding Photographer Duo Zach and Jody Gray created a robust wedding photography checklist of the essential items that should be done the day before every wedding. By following this, they are able to confidently arrive at each shoot knowing that they have everything they need for it. Ranging from preparing your equipment, to ensuring you have an accurate timeline, to having all of the contact numbers you need, proper preparation will ensure you arrive to the wedding able to focus on your job: taking amazing images and interacting with your clients and guests. Here are 14 things Zach and Jody recommend doing on your pre-wedding day checklist to help you be relaxed and ready to go!

1. Charge equipment

Start charging all of your camera batteries, flash batteries, and two-way radios ahead of time. It can be easy to forget to do this until the morning of the wedding, so set a reminder for yourself the day before to make sure that all of your items that need to be charged are plugged in to an outlet. [···]

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