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4 Easy Ways to Share Images with Vendors


As a wedding photographer, creating valuable relationships with your local vendors is a way to ensure that you have a trusted group of professionals that will help you grow your business. Vendors are a large part of the wedding day – from the florist to the baker to the coordinator, each vendor plays such an important role, and these are all people you can develop long-term relationships with.

Sharing images with vendors immediately after the wedding day is also an important part of creating a seamless working relationship. Not only can your vendors share your images with potential clients, they will continue to be an active referral source. The better your relationship with your vendors, the easier it will be for you to work together to help one another gain more clients. To help you get started creating meaningful connections, we’ve put together 4 ways for you to effectively share images with vendors.

1. Share Your Digital Files

As a photographer, your professional images are very valuable to vendors. On the wedding day, vendors may be able to take images of their work on their smartphones, but having access to your stunning images is crucial! After the wedding, make it part of your post-shoot workflow to send images to each vendor that you worked with. Just like there are several photo editing companies to use for color correction, there are several options when it comes to hosting and sharing your photos with vendors online. [···]

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