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How to Shoot in Harsh Light

how to shoot in harsh light

How many of you can relate to the following scenario: It is a beautiful overcast day (yes, to photographers overcast weather is perfect to shoot in!), and you are about to photograph some stunning portraits of the couple together. All of a sudden, the sun breaks through, casting a harsh light onto your couple. At first, this may seem like a problem, but don’t let the harsh rays from the sun hinder you from taking gorgeous photos. In the past, we shared how to shoot with off-camera lighting, as well as how to shoot in natural lighting. Now, we are excited to share some ways that will help you shoot in harsh lighting conditions.

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It is impossible for you to control the weather, and it is especially difficult for you to always shoot in soft and perfect lighting. Although we can help you with your wedding photography post processing needs if the lighting is not ideal in your images, we want to give you the tools to shoot in any light. Here are a few simple tips to help you work with harsh lighting that will still make your clients look their best!


Image Compliments of Ning Wong


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